The Eyes

The Eyes

Monday, August 2, 2010

Knox Martin Tells Me a Story About Robert Rauschenberg

I have to start by saying that anything I am going to write about Knox Martin is going to be a love-fest! Every moment I can spend with the master artist is a special moment that I cherish. When he speaks, I listen. He told me a great story about sharing his studio with fellow artist Robert Rauschenberg. Knox said he had a work that Rauschenberg had given him that wasn't signed. He asked Bob for a note authenticating it, and Bob told him no!

Knox likes to tell that Rauschenberg had the nerve to go around saying he studied with (Josef) Albers at Black Mountain College, and Albers couldn't stand the son-of-a-bitch! I let him use my studio for two years, and he won't sign a damn note! Knox said when he asked Rauschenberg why he wouldn't send the note, he replied, "because you're better than me!"  I adore him!

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