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The Eyes

Friday, May 6, 2011

Knox Martin | Flowers—Homage to Matisse (2011)

Knox Martin's latest offering of Flowers is exquisite. While I could never choose a favorite from this beautiful collection, his Flowers—Homage to Matisse (2011) makes me euphoric!

This tribute to Henri Matisse's The Red Studio (1911) is stunning. His overall use of red infused with blue and green take aim, yet Martin defines his own use of space. He appropriates imagery from the earlier painting—the white outlining of objects, a round plate in the lower left, the vines from a vase, and the still life-worthy table dominating the left side of the painting. The patterns in the blue plate and the swath of green on the right seem to nod to Matisse’s affinity for using multiple patterns and fabrics in his work.  And, is that green triangle in the center, one of the missing hands from Matisse's clock? 

Yet, Homage is distinctly Knox! On our first visit to Knox, my partner, James, took him a huge bouquet of flowers and upon presenting them to him, he said, “Oh, great! Now I have to draw the f*cking things!”  He’s a gem. I celebrate Knox honoring Matisse and Red Studio one hundred years later!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful writing! Love this painting by Knox Martin.

Gaby said...

Amazing, Cary!
Love this!

Knox Martin said...

The genius of Cary is to put these two paintings together.
What an amazing revelation to see them alongside one another!

Olivia said...

Cary! Yes, as Knox said, genius to put them together.
About your flower story, Knox's love of flowers is so amazing. When he comes here, and there are usually flowers on the table near his work space, he draws immediately, and sometimes I leave things for him that I know he'll love to draw.

JUD said...

One of the few living artists' works you could put beside a Matisse and not have it disappear.

Anonymous said...

Amazing art! Amazing words- the comments and the blog. Evokes pure emotion.

john.spencer.paul said...

Matisse and Knox! A generous love of art (virile decor, brave color) and a sweeping clear line of the masterful hand

Anonymous said...